About Us

Canz Building Products Inc. is owned and operated by Chris Digout.
Mr. Digout has partnered with CHIC (Manufacturer in Vancouver) masonry and concrete permanent coatings to waterproof and beautify stucco and masonry homes in Northern Alberta. Mr. Digout has compiled the best in applicators and products to repair and transform even the least appealing stucco and masonry buildings into beautiful weather sealed structures.

Mr. Digout started working with CHIC products right after Stan Bender brought the product here from England in the mid eighties. Developed by CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, CHIC has over 29 years of manufacturing experience and application expertise. CANZ BUILDING PRODUCTS INC. has the training and whereabouts to complete even the most difficult applications. The proprietary resins used in our products have a CLASS A fire resistance and Manufacturer lifetime product warranty, that come in any colour.

Fully Licensed, Bonded and an excellent long term reputation with the BBB, CANZ offers the complete product and company to permanently coat any concrete, stucco or masonry building. Mr. Digout grew up in the construction industry and has a Degree in Economic from the University of Alberta.
Let CANZ Building Products provide you with worry free saluting to your masonry and stucco needs.